Would be nice to have a clearer error for missing `project_id`
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Recently I was attempting to create a Folder object via the JavaScript API and encountered this error:

Permission denied: not allowed to 'create' 'Task'. Missing the required 'Create objects (sequence,shot,task)' permission.

I was providing the `name`, `parent_id`, `object_type_id` during my attempt, and the given error was very strange to me because my user should have administrator permissions for the project I was modifying.

After a while I realized that I needed to also provide the `project_id` so that the API could figure out whether I had the appropriate permissions to make this change. Still, if the `project_id` is required to determine permissions, it would have been more useful if the error message specifically called that out instead of sending me down a rabbit hole of checking my permissions and API keys.

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Hi Jen,

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  
I agree that the error message could contain more information on the specific issue.
I will forward this to our development team.


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