Specifying location for a specified project?

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What's the best way to let ftrack to transfer components to specified location(on disk) for a given project, while the other projects remains the default setting?

What I could come up with is, using custom publish script, in which the current project will be checked and then the proper location is decided. Not sure if this is the ftrack way though.




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Hi @John, sorry for the delay on getting back to you.
if you have a centralised storage scenario, the easier one would be to provide your own custom location , having it registered and then through an action provide the transfer of the components into the other location.
The only thing you need to be careful about are the priorities of the location themselves, so you don't (by mistake) make the other one replacing (as priority) the centralised storage.

here couple of examples might be of help in your journey :)


I'd suggest looking into these while keeping at hand the documentation for the location/structure system.


Hope it helps.


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