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  I am trying to use the new Review "Play selection in Player (Experimental)", but I can't figure out what information it's using to sort which order the shots play in.  It's not shot order, it's not the order it was published and it's not the order I clicked them in.  I can't move them around either.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


thank you,


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Hi Ozen,

I wouldn't rely on their being a stable sort order in the internal review. (Consider the case of selecting multiple versions of an Asset. Then there will not even be as many items on the timeline as you had clicked.) Client reviews do have an ordering (which you can drag and drop to re-order or use the API to set the sort_order attribute directly).


I'm afraid we might have to file it as a feature request, having an order-able list of clips in the experimental internal review tool.

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