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Inbox messages being sent but not received


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Edit: This can be closed/deleted, figured it out here

Hi, I'm attempting to send notes from an API user to use as a custom notification. It shows up in the sent items area of the inbox, but doesn't appear to the recipient.

What am I missing here? The below method worked very well for my other tool of mass writing notes on an episode, the only difference being it's not being appended to task['notes'] this time.

  1. Create Note with content and author
  2. Create NoteLabelLink with note_id and label_id (set to "Notification" note label)
  3. Create Recipient with note_id and resource_id (the user)
  4. Commit session

To provide a bit of background, I'm trying to make something where artists can subscribe to certain status changes on items (eg. animators want to know when a rig is updated). An event listener will detect that and send them a notification, I'm just a bit stuck on the notification part.

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