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Download 2.4.0

What's new

  • Fixed Rebuild track from exported episodes does not work..
  • Changed Ensure shot export path is consistent with the location structure generated..
  • New  Add 'Ftrack Copy Exporter' for publish file or sequence to ftrack without transcoding.
  • Fixed  Tokens are not always parsed correctly.
  • Changed Ensure shot output path normalized when replacing shot name.
  • Changed Replace fixed version with automatic versioning from git repository.
  • Fixed Reviewable export audio breaks on earlier Nuke Studio versions (version < 12.1).
  • Fixed Reviewable Task break when including audio.

How to install

  • stop ftrack-connect-package
  • remove previous nuke studio plugin from : 
  • download and uncompress the new version in :
  • restart ftrack-connect-package

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