Personal API key is hidden in settings. How to get it?

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Hello, we use custom python ftrack integration for our artists.

But all new artist added recently couldn't see their personal API key in settings (it is hidden under *********). So those users couldn't use essential tools for our pipeline.

How could user obtain his personal Api Key

Is it some setting to enable it for ASSIGNED-based role?

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Hi @Alex Sknarin

Starting with ftrack 4.1, new accounts does not receive a API key by default and API keys can only be viewed when they are created.
To generate a personal API key, you can press “Reset API Key” from My account.

There is a slight difference though in the presentation in the UI:

No API key set looks like: ********************
An API key set looks like: MXN5Y********************

Where the first characters are a readable identifier for the key.

hope it helps.

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