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Notifications sometimes not being sent


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Our company has recently started making a move from ProofHQ to Review, but people have having trouble when notifying others, starting from about 2 weeks ago.  As far as I'm aware this is only happening with Review and not Studio.

This is from one of the producers:

We are having an issue with Ftrack review whereby when we post something in review, the notification emails don't always deliver to the whole group. We have no way of knowing who they have delivered to and who they have not. It also seems inconsistent as to who gets the notifications and when - e.g. if 4 things are posted I may get 3 of them. 

It appears to affect both the website notifications as well as emails, but it's very inconsistent and affects different people each time. The producers are having to write separate emails to follow up since they can't currently rely on the notifications.


Is this likely something on our end or not? I've attached a couple of images to show the invites are saying they've sent, and the users notification settings are as expected.


image (1).png


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