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I know there's a beta version of Ftrack for Unity,

I tried it but unfortunately doesn't work properly, it works by half only if I use "Python for unity" version 1.4.1, when a version 2.01 is available and more stable.

When a new release of ftrack plugin for Unity will be available? Unfortunately I can't write in C so I have some difficult to make it work fine.


Thanks in advance for your reply,


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Hi I am Cobra!

About the environment required by frack connect unity plugins.

Unity 2019.3.8f1 , python2.7.17


Unity Package Manager:

python for unity version 2.0.1


ftrack connect unity engine version 1.0.0-rc (But the unity annotation version number is still 0.1.0 )


But I encountered a problem that unity scene files cannot be published, 25% will stop! No error!



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Package from git URL 。unity 1.0.0 -rc2  Error:

FtrackException: The ftrack client could not connect successfully.
UnityEditor.Ftrack.ConnectUnityEngine.Client.EnsureClientProcess () (at Library/PackageCache/ftrack-connect-unity-plugin@5d73de1e73/Editor/Init.cs:143)
UnityEditor.Ftrack.ConnectUnityEngine.Client.EnsureClientProcess () (at Library/PackageCache/ftrack-connect-unity-plugin@5d73de1e73/Editor/Init.cs:139)
UnityEditor.Ftrack.ConnectUnityEngine.Client.EnsureClientProcess () (at Library/PackageCache/ftrack-connect-unity-plugin@5d73de1e73/Editor/Init.cs:139)
UnityEditor.Ftrack.ConnectUnityEngine.Init.InitFtrack () (at Library/PackageCache/ftrack-connect-unity-plugin@5d73de1e73/Editor/Init.cs:189)
UnityEditor.EditorApplication.Internal_CallDelayFunctions () (at <bd2913165a514bbe8b0dffcb5ea8ff39>:0)



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Hi @intelyuxiang, would you mind trying against the latest master on

cone the repository with: git clone
then from within the cloned folder run : python build_plugin

this will create an up to date version of the integration.
Please also ensure you Unity Hub has been stopped before re running the integration.

Let us know how it goes.

Also can you report back what Unity version are you using ?



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our unity version is  2019.3.8f1. we launched it from unity connector ,and dig into init.cs 's code . it seems that the $"{resourcePath}/scripts/" does not start correctly.


we also checked the windows background for this, it did not appear in task manager list.

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