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Nuke freezes up while running encode_media to ftrack


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I'm fairly new to working in the ftrack_api but thanks to the tutorials and forum posts I've been able to search the selected Read Node in Nuke and find whether it has been rendered into an mov. If so, it encodes the mov to the appropriate shot and task in ftrack. I'm wondering if anybody else here has gotten something similar to work, and if so have they made it work so that NUKE doesn't freeze up? I tried using threading.Thread(target=mysubmitfunction).start() and Nuke still freezes up.





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Hey Smack,


Is encode_media the only call that freezes up like that? What if you copy the file to the ftrack.server Location yourself? Also, consider something like what we do with Connect where we rely on the event system to handle submitting the encode_media call.




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On 3/11/2020 at 7:07 PM, Steve Petterborg said:

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the reply back. I'm not sure if copy the original file(mov) to the ftrack.server is feasible. Our studio has already used up a lot of our ftrack server storage. It seems like we would just want to keep the encoded video on ftrack for now. Unfortunately we're not currently working with Connect and going about building an in house production tool instead. I've decided to go with an approach to run the encoding from a pyQT application instead which shouldn't take up Nuke's processing. Thank again.


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