Ftrack Review Player Issue - Screen tearing?

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Hello everyone!

I really like the review capability of ftrack and would love to see further progression of it. 

After I upload a mov/mp4 and when I try to view it, there is visible tearing in the image. This is only visible in the web viewer/player/review. When I download the uploaded file, the problem is not there. My original files also dont have this issue either.  I am uploading these files manually by drag and dropping them into the Versions tab of a task. 

It is visible when playing and when its paused. 

What could be causing this?




Ive tried many different codecs but the problem exists in all codecs. The only one that didnt have this issue was a single frame render of a jpg image.  

 HD1080 H264 mp4
 HD1080 H264 mov
 HD1080 Avid DNxHD mov
 HD1080 Avid DNxHR mov
 HD1080 Avid DNxHR mp4
 HD1080 Apple ProRes 4444 mov
 HD1080 Apple ProRes 422 mov
 HD1080 single frame Jpeg  


Thank you for all your help!





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For those who might be having similar issue, after doing some research I've come to the conclusion that it might be my Graphics card. 


I've also switched to CineSync for reviewing which seems to not have this problem.


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Hi Alican,

Sorry for the late reply.

We tried to reproduce this issue but was unable to do so. Your conclusion might very well be correct.

CineSync is a great option if you're still having this issue in ftrack since we are now under the same banner :)

Have a nice day!


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