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Building from sources on Windows

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The Adobe extension consists of two parts: ftrack-connect-spark-adobe (adobe specific logic) and ftrack-connect-spark (shared UI).

When building the extension, it copies the UI distribution (`node_modules/ftrack-connect-spark/dist/`) to build/staging/ftrack_connect_spark/. I don't actually think the distribution files are checked in into ftrack-connect-spark, which means that you either have to build those files locally or copy the files over from the extension if you are not making any changes to the UI.

To build the extension with changes to the UI, you will need to:

  1. Clone the ftrack-connect-spark repository
  2. Build it (yarn install && yarn dist)
  3. Configure ftrack-connect-spark-adobe to use the local package
    1. In ftrack-connect-spark: yarn link
    2. In ftrack-connect-spark-adobe: yarn link ftrack-connect-spark
  4. Rebuild ftrack-connect-spark-adobe using grunt


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The only node I got it working was 9.11.2 (tested 10.18.1, 11.13.0, 13.7.0). On recent versions I got same error (log above).

Although I installed dependencies, there is an issue with path separators on windows:

    File to import not found or unreadable: C:UserskalemÞsktopOneDriveWorkhomeÞvsstrack-connect-sparksourcestyle_theme.scss

I fixed it by editing config/default.js

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