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Hi there,

Being quite new to ftrack, I/we have had other tools to manage these "tiny tasks" that come up in a moment, need to be done in a few days and require just half an hour of work.

Writing everything down into a single task like "arrange team meeting" or "find vfx marker documents and print out" does not play well with the well structured projects in ftrack - especially if there are tasks like "remind client that we talked about a possible future project" that have no real project at the moment.

So what I am looking for, is a possiblity to have private tasks. They should appear in the task board and it would be great to create them from there as well.

I think, in general, this could be a project that is just visible for me (this is how I do it right now), just with some tiny differences to a classic project:

  • The project does not have/require a start and end date
  • Creating a task must be much faster. As I do not want to open up too much of a new concept, you might probably set "default properties" for these kinds of tasks (assigned to: me, task type: xy, etc.) and just open up a window for setting name and due date.
  • Probably you would like to clean up the project from time to time, as the list could get very long... So perhaps you'd regulary clean up the list from tasks that have been finished more than two weeks ago or something.

I know that this could be done with Actions as well, but even an Actions-button is missing on the task board, so this would be the minimum helping me out there 😉



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