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Hi there,


here's a minor UI idea that i would like to see discussed. When the sidebar in any of the project views is minimized the text is hardly readyble anymore, the icons removed and the sidebar still needs a fair bit of screen estate. Instead i propose that the sidebar minimizes to an iconbar, and the trees are then displayed as flyout menus.


Here are quick mockups:


Standard view:



Current minimize behaviour:



Proposed minimize behaviour:



Proposed minimize behaviour including flyout menu:





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Hi Guys,


thanks for your input Thorsten. I like it, and have made a mockup of it with 3.0 style that you can find in our new section for the upcoming version 3 here. We would love to get feedback on this. After Siggraph we will post more articles in the 3.0 section about features we would like to get feedback on.




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17 hours ago, Francois said:

Are there any updates on this feature? It would make the overall application more readable, that would be great!

I'm afraid that we never got to implement this feature. I will highlight this again with the product team as it is something we may take into consideration for future versions of ftrack

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