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Adding Creative Cloud 2020 and Illustrator to Connect

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Download new hook file.

The installation directories for Adobe Creative Cloud applications have changed with the recent release of 2020. In order to show the new applications, you must replace the existing hook file, which can be found in the following directories:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ftrack-connect-package-1.1.1\resource\hook

This update also adds Adobe Illustrator to Connect. Note that the integration itself continues to be distributed through Adobe Add-ons.


Edit: Download link updated with fixed Illustrator path for OSX.

Edited by Steve Petterborg
Updated download link
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Actually the issue was that I replaced the wrong .py file (smh). Our studio is a MacOS environment and I fixed the issue last month so here are the steps I took in case anyone else has an issue looking for the Contents folder:

In Finder, go to your Applications folder > Right-click on ftrack-connect.app > Show Package Contents > MacOS > resource > hook > replace ftrack_connect_adobe_hook.py with the hook from Steve's first post above. ‘Log & Quit’ ftrack Connect, open it and log back in. Photoshop 2020 action should show up now.


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