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Windows, Linux, Osx Download 0.7.0


Changes since last version

  • changed Pip compatibility for version 19.3.0 or higher.
  • changed:  Defer the Qt import when loading scenario.
  • new Use Qt.py instead of the bundled QtExt with Connect.
  • new Support publish of file sequences.
  • fixed: Perforce modules cannot be imported and used in DCC application.
  • new Provide default file encode mapping based on the file extension.
  • new Enforce perforce username to be the same as the ftrack user logged in.


  • Accessible Helix Server 

What to expect to work

  • Storage setup
  • User preferences setup
  • Publish
  • Versioning

Aim for testing

  • Publish from any application
  • Import/Update version through connect's asset management system

Known Issues and limitations

  • There are known issues at the moment with Nuke Studio integration.

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