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How many parallel connections to EventHub are possible?


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Hey folks,
I was wondering about how many parallel connections to the EventHub are possible.
I have a dedicated process running connected to the EventHub invoking session.event_hub.wait(). When I connect from somewhere else to an API server session with `auto_connect_event_hub=True` I get an error message telling me that the conenction to the EventHub can't be established.
Is that because only 1 process can connect to it when invoking `session.event_hub.wait()`?

All the best,

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Hi Tony,

You can have multiple connections against the Eventhub.
Are you having multiple scripts using connections against the hub?
With the same account being used for the connections?
We recommend passing auto_connect_event_hub=False when creating a session if the event hub is not going to be used:
We can look further into this, but need some more information.
Would it be ok to continue in the support channel?


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