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Links in notes and spreadsheets

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We use a lot of reference material for building assets and shots, it would be good if it was easier to put links in notes, and attribute columns in spreadsheets so that we can link to external URL paths and also local paths (for non assets, i.e. reference material or folders with lots of reference images). At the moment it is not very easy/straightforward to do that as you have to use the [link](url) notation in notes. It would be great if you could just paste a link and it auto-formats. Also there is almost no way apart from description column to put a link in the spreadsheet. Is this something that you think of implementing? 



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Hi Vlad,


I agree it would be nice if it auto-formats URLs and paths to html links. This was actually something we had implemented before switching to the Markdown implementation. That switch unfortunately removed that.


We will have a look at if this can be enabled in the current implementation, otherwise add a feature request ticket on implementing it.


Thank you for the request,



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