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Conditional formating on spreadsheet cells

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Right now we have limited support for conditional formatting in ftrack.

You can click the arrow next to a column header and select "Conditional formatting", "Negative Alert"

This will highlight negative numbers with a red background.

It is very useful for example on the "+/- Hours" column.


We will look into how we can improve with more options in the feature.




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hey, this is something I had also submitted to support, with a different approach:


There is a thing users always ask us: Is ftrack is able to display colors
in the spreadsheet, based on rules we would set ?
So far we only found cell formatting for negative values which is very

We thought of a way that would address quite all our needs.
We imagined every (custom) attribute could have a "color" section that would
work like an expression.
The expression should be written to return an hex color RRGGBB ( and if the
expressions fails for any reason, or returns something else that a color,
display white).

Like that we may alter the color of all our custom attributes, which would
really be a game changer in terms of ergonomy, specifically for the
producers who always try to have a global overview of what is happening on
the shots.

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