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Hi, we are in the process of integrating ftrack and we found some drawbacks and to try to solve those we have some specific questions that we would love if somebody could answer.
We know this is more specific to Royal Render itself, but maybe somebody did integrate Royal Render already with ftrack:
1. Retrieving a job ID when submitting with rrSubmitter
Is it posible? We are not sure it is, but when submitting with "rrSubmitter.exe" the commands exit with code 0 and there is no output in stdout or stderr. This way it isn't possible for us to submit dependent jobs while also allowing users to edit settings such as machine limits and such.
###### Possible workaround
Create our own submitter that generates the .xml and uses "rrSubmitterConsole.exe" to submit it. This way the job ID can be parsed ("rrSubmitterConsole.exe" does produce output). But this is basically re-inventing the wheel and we would love to avoid it.
2. Are there any updated python API docs?
So far we've only found some examples mentioned on the docs but they seem to be outdated and fail continuously.
```Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "\\WORKSTATION\royalrender\SDK\External\Python\", line 102, in <module>
    findJobID= getNPrintJobs(findJobID)
  File "\\WORKSTATION\royalrender\SDK\External\Python\", line 89, in getNPrintJobs
    wasUpdated= jobs.getJobUpdatedTime(findJobID) > lastUpdateTime
AttributeError: '_rrTCPjobList' object has no attribute 'getJobUpdatedTime'```
```Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "\\WORKSTATION\royalrender\SDK\External\Python\", line 58, in <module>
    if not tcp.connectAndAuthorize():
AttributeError: '_rrTCP' object has no attribute 'connectAndAuthorize'```
3. Does RR have events?
We would require to run some functions when a job is deleted, but we can't seem to find any event that is not the pre/post scripts.

Thank you in advance!

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