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Custom attribute number decimal points


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We're currently using a custom number attribute for FPS but during our latest project we noticed that the number attribute type seems to round of the amount of decimal points to 2 which caused some issues for us as the project was running at 23.976 FPS and fTrack rounded it of to 23.98 FPS. Is there a reason for the limit of 2 decimal points and is there a way around that without having to switch to a text type attribute?

If we have to switch our FPS attribute to a text type will it keep the values it had for all existing and old projects or will it be erased/reset?

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Hello, sorry to re-up this topic, but have you any ETA on this feature ?
Will we be able to manage in settings the number of decimal digits ? As we do for version number padding :)
we can manage some assets attributes with almost 4 or 5 digits behind the coma (displacement values on very precise materials)
For the moment we are using text attribute as work-around, but it would be safer (avoid typing mistakes) to use numerical one.

Thank you very much :)

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