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Hi Ftrack Team,

In the new version of ftrack Studio (Local installation - at the Client Review, the file upload option disappeared.
Is it possible to get file upload back in a newer version as an option in the review Session dashboard or as a global config?

This would be important for us because we would like to totally eliminate e-mail communication.
With file upload, clients could send us new layouts, fonts, music, and any other assets.

Please consider this, I know that the file upload still exists under the hood, because I can upload anything as a reply from the studio dashboard.

Thank you,

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Hi Marcell,

The possibility to add attachments to the notes is not present, at the moment, in the new Review interface.
If you need this, there's a possibility to switch back to earlier Review, in System Settings/Review/Settings.
The possibility to attach will make it into new Review as well.
Can't say exactly when, but will do my best to update here when we have more information.


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