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Sorting columns in My Tasks view


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part of this is a bug report I think but part is also a feature request.


The column sorting options on the My Tasks page feels random in several ways:


  • Tasks sorted by "Parent" are not in alphabetical order.
  • When sorting by due date and no task actually has a due date, it would also be nice to sort the tasks in alphabetic order (according to their "Project/Sequence/Shot" label)

The feature request part:


Would it be possible to add a "sort by sequence" option? The parent sorting is nice (if it were alphabetical) but since an artist usually only has one task per shot, the in-between headers with the shot number seem like overkill. It would be more useful to have in-between headers of sequences that divide the task lists. We're currently on a project with several hundred shots and each artist usually has more tasks than fit on a screen, so this sorting option would really help to get a better overview.  

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Hey guys.


I'll bump this a little bit and add to it.


We're really trying our best to use 'my tasks' view but currently it's missing a few crucial pieces for us.


1. Sorting by name, hierarchy exactly as Tilt wrote. Without this is becomes a big pile of mess and we can't find anything. This should be like a second layer of sorting on top of every single sorting type. So if I sort by priority, each priority category should be sorted by hierarchical name so if I have 30 medium priority shots, I can find ep100/sc02/sh0145 immediately. Same goes for sort by parent, this one is almost useful apart from (as Tilt said) the dividers between tasks. So to sum this one up: Nice solution would be either this name sorting to be applied on top of everything, or introducing a secondary sorting, so I could choose to sort by project and then priority. this would make it very clear to look at.


2. We are not assigning tasks to people directly but rather let them pick from the list of available one. The problem right now is that not every unassigned task should be available. We use 2 statuses to deal with this. 'Not started' mean it's simply not ready, because the previous pipeline step wasn't completed (layout not done for animation for instance), however when layout artist finishes his job, he set's animation task to 'ready to start'. Animators are then assigning themselves to these tasks because they know, layout has been done and they can take it. This prevents too much micromanaging and is very easy to understand. Now, I'd like to be able to tell ftrack to only show tasks of certain status in the 'available tasks' column.


right now for all task handling people have to use customized spreadsheet views, because there's too much stuff in 'my tasks'. So I have to ask the obvious: Is this anywhere near to being implemented? I'm sure there must be more people asking for this.

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