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Adding custom functionality to the FTrack UI


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It would be great if you could add custom functionality to the interface.

Functionality could be added by users and shared with the FTrack community

Query selected Items, add commands to contexts/buttons/.


Could start with a simple python script editor implementation and grow from there.


Example commands

Parent selected

- Cleanup tasks : unassigned to resource / with 0 bid /

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Hi Mitch, 


We are looking at a system to run custom callbacks and scripts from the ftrack ui, context menus and buttons. It is on the roadmap and currently under development. There is no official dates on when this will be available at the moment.


Sharing such scripts with the community sounds like an interesting idea.


Best regards,

Mattias L

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looking good!

I have tested your previous workaround solution (which was pulling the eventstack) before.
Supernice to get custom Actions/Events that can be fired by userinteraction from the WebUI!

One thing:
with the "new" way to do it, could I also subscribe to existing FTrack events?

e.g., in the "old" way I was listening for something like

events = ftrack.getEvents(projectId=show.getId(),fromEventId=eventId + 1,actions=['change.status.asset','db.all.shot'],preloadObjects=True)

in the "new" way, would it be something like:

ftrack.TOPICS.subscribe('action', handleCallback)

and then in the callback:

if buttonId == 'change.status.asset':

Thanx in advance


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