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How to set Thumbnail and ftrackreview-mp4 on a Task?


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Hey folks,

I just started out working with ftrack so please don't judge for my probably noobish question.

I'm trying to set a thumbnail and ftrackreview-mp4 on a task. I already managed to upload an .mp4 and thumbnail to my assetversions but now I want to apply these files to the linked task aswell.

I was trying to create a new component on a task but I will receive an error telling me that I can't create components on a Task.

Also I have read about setting the Asset Types in the Workflow section of the ftrack settings but I'm kinda lost in that overview since I can't really understand what this Asset Type section is actually doing.

Oh and I have to tell you that unfortunately I'm on ftrack_api v1.3.3 and probably not allowed to bump up the version 😕 


Any help is much appreciated! :)

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