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Segmented task ( excluding days from the task )


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We've been using Ftrack for a long time now. Did around 800+ projects using it. There is one thing that would make my scheduling a lot easier is the ability for the task not only to have START and END date, but also breaks in the timeline. It is quite often that I have 3 weeks in my schedule for compositing certain shot or scene. So I setup my "start" and "end" date. Knowing the actual time needed to do it is shorter I also place an amount of budgeted days. I would love to have an ability to put gaps in the task so the system would allow me / or at least warn me if I make the gap to big.  The thing is that I still want it to be 1 task - just with gaps in the overview .

That would make the overview so much more useful in showing at first glance how occupied are people on certain days. Now I have 4-5 tasks one over the other. It is hard to visually comprehend when the work is actually done if you are not very deeply invested into the project. 

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