ftrack connect version 1.1.1

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Download ftrack-connect-package 1.1.1

What's new ? 

This patch version aims to provide latest and greatest api , as well as a minor (linux only) improvement to provide system launcher for connect package as well as the latest version of ftrack connect nuke studio and latest python api.


  • ftrack-connect-nuke-studio 2.2.0 
    • Extend context template to support episodes
    • Support for multi-track export.
    • Fix Hiero template parser.
    • Nuke studio now requires a context (project) to start from
  • ftrack-connect 1.1.7
    • Added button in About dialog to create a Linux desktop entry file to
      make Connect appear in the applications menu.

  • ftrack-python-api 1.8.0 
    • Event description component-removed report component-added event signature.
    • Add new scalar type `object` to factory.
    • Add support for list of `computed` attributes as part of schema
      definition. A computed attribute is derived on the server side, and can
      be time dependentant and differ between users. As such a computed
      attribute is not suitable for long term encoding and will not be encoded
      with the `persisted_only` stragey.
    •  The `delayed_job` method has been deprecated in favour of a direct
      ``. See :ref:`example/sync_with_ldap` for example usage.
    • Private method :meth:`Session._call` has been converted to
      a public method, :meth:``.
      The private method will continue to work, but a pending deprecation
      warning will be issued when used. The private method will be removed
      entirely in version 2.0.
    • Event server connection error is too generic,
      the actual error is now reported to users.

Known issue

  • None reported atm
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