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Download 0.2.2
Originally written by Mike Datsik

What's new

Convert integration from to ftrack-connect plugin

How to install

stop ftrack-connect-package

download and uncompress the new version in :
restart ftrack-connect-package

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It’s great to see houdini plugin in your official repository! Can I create some pull requests to this repository?

If you deside to make plugin base on you new pyblish beta fork flow, I can share it with you, I already have some.

I want to see fully functional official houdini plugin in Ftrack as soon as possible :)

Cheers, Mike.

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Hi @postmodern Please do , 
we are always after contribution from the community !

For pyblish beta might be better to provide your own repository and post it here on the forum so other users can use it !

A tech note for Pull requests (to have it reviewed/merged faster):

  • Provide explanation on what the feature/bug fix is about
  • Provide some docs on how to perform the test of the changes (and files if needed)
  • Stick to pep8
  • Use ' instead of "
  • Use tabs instead of spaces
  • Update the changelog in the docs
  • Do not update the version
  • Ensure does not introduce regressions

looking forward to see your fixes and improvement
Thanks in advance for your contribution !



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