ftrack connect version 1.1.0

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Download ftrack-connect-package 1.1.0

What's new ? 

With this minor release, we have started a long journey for a complete revamp of connect and connector plugins.
This release mostly focuses on moving the hard-coded connector plugins to standalone connect plugins, so these can be customized and extended by the users as they see fit.
This release also includes an improvement for the Nuke Studio integration.


  • ftrack-connect-nuke-studio 2.1.0 
    • Tokens to compose assets names as well as components.
    • Support for multi-track export.
    • Fix Hiero template parser.
  • ftrack-connect-maya 1.2.0
    • converted to connect plugin
  • ftrack-connect-nuke 1.2.0 
    • converted to plugin
  • ftrack-connect-3dsmax 0.4.0
    • converted to plugin
  • ftrack-connect-hieroplayer 1.3.0
    • converted to plugin
  • ftrack-connect-foundry 1.2.0
    • remove ftrack-connect from dependency links

Known issue

  • None reported atm

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Hi all,
a bug has just been found in the new ftrack-connect-nuke-studio 2.1.0.

We are working to release a new patch version to fix it.
A new package will made available asap in this forum.

In the meanwhile we suggest to download and compile 2.0.1 and replace the nuke studio plugin.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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