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Download 1.2.0

This is the first release of ftrack-connect-nuke as connect plugin.

As the current ftrack-connect-package ( 1.0.1 ) still contains the integration, you'll have first to remove it from within the package in order to install this one.

Upcoming ftrack-connect-package version will ship these as plugins.

Remove included integration from ftrack-connect-package:
0) close connect
1) locate where ftrack-connect-package is installed.
2) remove <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/ftrack_connect_nuke
3) remove <ftrack-connect-package>/hook/ftrack_connect_nuke_hook.py/pyc

4) remove <ftrack-connect-package>/library.zip/ftrack_connect_nuke
5) remove <ftrack-connect-package>/library.zip/assetmgr_nuke
6) remove <ftrack-connect-package>/library.zip/FnAssetAPI

7) remove <ftrack-connect-package>/common.zip/ftrack_connect_nuke
8) remove <ftrack-connect-package>/common.zip/assetmgr_nuke
9)remove <ftrack-connect-package>/common.zip/FnAssetAPI

Install integration as plugin:

1) download the new version from the above link
2) decompress the zip in the FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH
3) restart connect

if there's any problem please let us know !

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