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Refreshing issues from FTrack v4.

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  1. When an user changes any task status, it's not automatically updated in any other browser, and it requires manually refreshed. This behaviour is using the same user.
  2. When uploading a version in any object or task, after message "File uploaded successfully" browser not show the thumb and is gray while not done refresh manually. http://prntscr.com/li8sd2
  3. Automatically populate thumbnails is not working now.
  4. When an user try to open a component, browsing in properties panel, Components panel is freeze showing "reload" icon. http://prntscr.com/li9k1c
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Thank you so much for replies.

We have a third party application that gets data from ftrack database, now is stopped and point number 2 is still not working. It generates stalled jobs encoding image (jpg).

However our pipeline is the same from Ftrack v3, then all was working right. Maybe limit of connections to the event server has been decreased for v4?

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