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Get Asset Build Types from Project


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Is there a way to get the Asset types from a schema?

I'm trying to do the following:


 project = ftrack.getProject("Piggy Bank")


 for n in project.getTaskTypes():

  print n.get("name")


This works fine to return all task types but is there a way I can get only the Asset Build Types specified in the schema? in the case of "VFX_Scheme", it would return

Character, Prop, Environment, Matte Painting




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Hi Mike,

We have a helper method for obtaining the available statuses in the project schema, but it doesn't seem to be one for returning the available types at the moment.

It is a bit complicated to follow the entity structure for the project/workflow schemas, so I did a first pass at a similar method which you can find here: https://bitbucket.org/snippets/ftrack/n79e8B

It might need some more polish before it is read for general use, but I believe it should be enough for your use case. You can use it like so:

	types => console.info('Types', types)



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