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Query Ftrack Server time

lukas g

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Hello there :)

i am looking for a good way to Query Ftrack Server time. Right now i am doing it in a hacky way by committing an entity and query its creation date with:

"Event where parent_id is {} order by created_at desc".format(entity.id)

But i am looking for some query for just the current time without creating something first, as it introduces a slight time delay and isn't a nice practice.

Thank you in advance,


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Thank you for your quick reply.

I excpected the ftrack server in UTC but I am afraid that i am seeing a 34sec time difference between utc and the creation dates of my ftrack entity. (They seem to be created in the future based on the "created_at" attribute from a Event query I am doing to check it.) Maybe I am doing something wrong but it worked out for the last months,  only since yesterday I had the time difference issue.

1. I am creating and committing some new entity.
2. I am doing a query to get the event where the "parent_id" is the same as the id of the entity i just created. (Query string: "Event where parent_id is my_entity.id order by created_at dec")
3. I take the returned object and read the "created_at" attribute and compare it with the utc -> the "created_at" gives a datetime 34sec in the future.

I can imagine that I am misunderstanding the way my query works and does not give me what i am expecting to get. Or that for some reason the Event Hub / Server introduces a wired time offset
(maybe also caused by some faults on  my side?)

Thank you's for you help :)



EDIT: I just checked it for two different ftrack projects. The one project has no time difference the other seems to have these wired 34sec offset to the future.

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