Custom Attribute for User (Project Based)
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I am trying to create an numerical custom attribute for Users but only for a specific project id. I am creating the attribute this way:

               {"project_id": current_project_id,
                "entity_type": "user",
                "type": custom_attr_type,
                "label": "TEST",
                "key": "test",
                "default": -1,
                "write_security_roles": [security_role],  # all roles
                "read_security_roles": [security_role],   # all roles  
                "config": json.dumps({'isdecimal': False})})

But I am not able to query it although I have correct permissions and I can see it in the ftrack Web Gui.

users = session.get_users()

for attr in users[0].["custom_attributes"]:
    print "Custom Attr: '{}'".format(attr)

If I set project_id = None I can read and write to it. but that is not an option.
Am I missing some detail on how to make it work project based?

Kind regards,


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