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Autodesk RV Player Review AssetVersions with different filenames

Tim Edelmann

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Good afternoon, 


we would like to use the Autodesk RV Player to review AssetVersions linked to a task. These are opened by launching the corresponding hook via web-ui on a selected task. "ftrack_rv_api.py", which comes with the ftrack-plugin for RV, loads two widgets from ftrack (images added as attachments).  


We noticed, that the 'versions' tab is not showing other versions, if the AssetVersions linked to the task, have different names. As soon as the names is equal and only the 'verion'-field for the AssetVersion differs, the version-field in the RV-widget works as expected. 

The problem is, that we need our renderings to have the version as part of the filename, resulting in a broken widget, that never shows possible other versions. Is there a way to have assets/assetversions beeing named without our version-tag but the filenames still contain them? So that reviewing with rv would give us a list of versions?


We well keep playing around with this, thank you for any hints?






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On 10/3/2018 at 9:49 AM, Mattias Lagergren said:

Hi Tim,

The Versions tab is listing other versions of the same asset - this can be used to compare the versions in RV.

Hey Mattias, 


thanks for the quick answer!


Am I correct, that its only concidered the same asset, when the name is equal? As I said, out filenames for rendering hold a version-string like 'v001', 'v002', etc. So each of our versions is treated as a new asset and no versions are shown. Is there a way to get around this, while still having these version-string inside the filenames?



Thanks again




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I wanted to complete this thread, to halp anyone, who might stumble into this...


To make sure ftrack understands files with different filenames AND different versions, we ended up manually naming the associated asset and omit the part where the files differ!



if we want to publish a file called "my_awsome_file_v001.jpg" and "my_awsome_file_v002.jpg", the created asset gets the name "my_awsome_file". So both files are linked to this asset, which make ftrack understand, that these are both just different versions of the 'same' file. 


Thanks for your help





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