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Failed to connect to event hub


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Not quite sure what's happening here.  I'm getting the error 

EventHubConnectionError: Failed to connect to event server at https://mystudio.ftrackapp.com.

when I try to run an action plugin.


The same code works fine from a windows machine on our network but not on this linux machine.  The python environment it is running in is the same albeit on a linux box. I can ping the url in question and it connects fine so I don't think it's a firewall issue. Are there specific ports that need to be open or is there something else that would cause this error?


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it connects without problems now ... 

no changes in the code or version of python - we're running python 2.7.11

code as following:

session = ftrack_api.Session(auto_connect_event_hub=True)

Might have been network shortage or something, but our IT guy diagnosed further and said there was no reply from the server, although FTrack in browser was working fine

Cheers, Vit

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