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Advanced filter settings: "Any" condition for all entity types

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It is true as you say, Task, Milestone (and other object types) are modelled as tasks in the backend. But for filtering we are locking a filter to a specific object type and as of now it is not possible to mix them with an ANY condition.

We're currently developing a new view where you can list items from different projects (to be released within a few months). One of the use-cases that we consider is similar to the one you mentioned here, so listing Milestones and Tasks together with a filter like that could be possible (but it is still under development so not set in stone).

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21 hours ago, JPrydz said:

Hi Remus,

Yes, you should be able to this on Overview tab.
Create a "Cross-project view", set a name and choose Object as type.
You can then add "Object type" and filter on that.
Hope this helps.


Hi @JPrydz

thanks for the quick answer.

The new Overview looks a bit different and the left panel (with the sequences, shots, etc) is missing. So for example you can not just select a sequence and get the tasks and milestones only from that sequence.

Another issue is that the dashboard will display the tasks and milestones from all the projects. A way is to manually exclude all the projects which we are not interested. (It seems that it's also a bug as it displays the tasks from excluded projects as well. Ftrack version:


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