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Would it be possible to browse from an item to another while preview the thumbnail (or media) using the mouse (arrows on the side of the images) or keyboard ?

It would help users here use Ftrack to browse through reference uploaded.

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Here is a screen cap of what our users expects on the "Versions" tab of the main app:
Here is a sample web lib that does this sort of thing a little bit like the "Review" page. However the review page does not work for us because it is designed for movies.
The bottom bar is this lib example is not really necessary (though a nice addition), I'd be happy having just the thumbnail as it is now and the ability to display next/previous asset version's thumbnail with a single click on the edge of the thumbnail or with a keyboard shortcut.
Finally the best example is like browsing a folder on google apps, when you click on an item it shows the thumbnail but you can jump from one to another using "left/right" which make it really convenient...
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