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How to make publish look like published by another user?

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@Mattias: Many thanks! :)

@Remus: Original idea was just to simplify things - It takes care of making publish look like coming from the same username, which is logged on your system and you don't have to get the user API keys... if the system user and ftrack user names are matching ofcourse, so changing the name of the publish is hopefully just temporary patch:)


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Hi Jen,

You'll want to find the Event object which was created in response to the publish and change the user_id. Unlike the info panel, the activity feed didn't seem to refresh automatically for me, so make sure to reload the page when you make your change.


event = session.query(
    'Event where action is "asset.published"'
    ' and parent_id is "{}"'.format(
event['user_id'] = cool_user['id']


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