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Query Project Schema Objects

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Hello, :)

I need to write some checks using the python api to make sure the current ftrack project is configured correctly. There fore i need to query the currents project Project Schema and check its configuration.
Specifically: I need to query the assigned Objecty (ObjectTypes) of a Project Schema.


I can access the the Types and objects with 'ProjectSchema.get_types()'  as well as the statuses an by calling  'ProjectSchema.get_statuses()' but i can't  find a way to actually figure out if an object (ObjectType) is assigned to the list of objects of the particular Project Schema.

(I can easily find out if a specific object type exists at all using 'session.query("ObjectType where name is my_object_type_name")' but not which schemas it is assigned to.)

I know from a different post, that creating new ProjectSchemas and "manage" them (editing them?) is only supported using the GUI. But What about retrieving the assigned Objects (ObjectTypes) ? It should be possible i guess.

The Docs from ProjectSchema dont show any more methods:

Examples for get_types() and get_statuses:


I Hope someone can help me out.

Thank you in advance


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Maybe there is another way of finding out which object types are assigned to my project so i can prevent a ServerError like this from happening:
"ServerError: Server reported error: ValidationError(Object type u'Shot' cannot be created on project u'Lukas Dev'.)"


The only solution i found for now i to try to create the desired types on startup to check if i can create them and catch the server error and show it to the TD to properly configure the ftrack project.

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