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Please bring back / keep updating the 'old' docs

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We find the 'old' documentation invaluable for sharing and training internally. The new docs simply aren't suitable (at least not yet).

We miss the ability to:

  • Link to specific sub-sections. 
  • Access the docs offline.
  • Navigate left and right through a topic.
  • Link to the specific release documentation (as we are often behind latest by a few versions). 
  • Link directly to API reference (via intersphinx) from our API reference and then maintain context in surrounding docs.

Please bring back the 'old' docs or at least keep updating them alongside the new ones until you can support all these features in the new docs.

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I agree as well.  It would indeed be great if the old docs can continue to be supported. I think that its compact tree-like interface helps give a nicer overview of all pages/topics/subsections in a single page, enabling easier navigation with a fewer clicks.

Apart from the interface, we do particularly miss the ability to link to subsections and release notes in the new docs. This can be done with ease in the old docs and it has been of great significance in our development process and in knowledge sharing.

The new docs also seem to be missing the Glossary reference.  I think the links to glossary references in the old docs are very useful, especially to newer users. 

Hoping you can consider this request, it will definitely help us. Thanks!

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Agreeing with this. Another thing broken in the new docs is that line breaks in code sections seem to be broken. e.g. https://help.ftrack.com/administering-ftrack/on-prem/configuring-the-database

Generally i found the old format to be more accessible to browse. And having the section headers (like "Managing a local installation" on the same level as its contents seems pretty confusing)


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About a year ago we took the decision to migrate the ftrack documentation from RTD to a new platform (Intercom). The reason for the transition is to improve the documentation, by making it easier and quicker to write and maintain.

We are aware of the limitations that you have mentioned in this thread. We still hope that the platform provider will add features and address some of these concerns (we are in contact with them). To our disappointment not much has happened and we are evaluating our options moving forward.

As for the release notes this help page should be the one to refer to: http://help.ftrack.com/release-and-migration-notes

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Regarding the new release notes - how do you link to a specific version?

Also, it was very useful to be able to link to ftrack glossary entries to ensure everyone was referring to the same definition of a term. Where is the equivalent functionality in the new docs?

The new docs don't seem to be improving...

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