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AttributeError: xx object has no attribute...


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I'm experiencing strange errors in our event handlers and actions. They are hard to replicate and sometimes restarting the event hub and the handlers works, but sometimes it doesn't.

I tried to get the thumbnail URL as described in the API docs (currently running 1.4.0) http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/example/thumbnail.html#example-thumbnail-url

When calling get_thumbnail_url, I get this error:

AttributeError: 'Location' object has no attribute 'get_thumbnail_url'

Printing the location object in fact prints this: <Location(3a372bde-05bc-11e4-8908-20c9d081909b)>

That's ftrack_api.symbol.SERVER_LOCATION_ID, but the type is just "Location". When I try the session.get("Location",...) line on another machine, this returns <ServerLocation...> and I can call get_thumbnail_url without problems.

I then tried to replace the session.get(...) with session.query("Location where id=...") and get_thumbnail_url with just get_url(). Now this exception is raised in ftrack's api:

  File "/path/to/site-packages/ftrack_api/entity/location.py", line 607, in get_url
    return self.accessor.get_url(resource_identifier)
AttributeError: 'Symbol' object has no attribute 'get_url'

The "Symbol object has not attribute xyz" has occured before when calling get_filesystem_path on an ftrack.unmanaged location:

File "/path/to/site-packages/ftrack_api/entity/location.py", line 583, in get_filesystem_path
    return self.get_filesystem_paths([component])[0]
File "/path/to/site-packages/ftrack_api/entity/location.py", line 592, in get_filesystem_paths
AttributeError: 'Symbol' object has no attribute 'get_filesystem_path'

What could be causing this?


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So if you just run this in a script on the problematic environment, you get "Location" rather than "ServerLocation"?

>>> import ftrack_api
>>> session = ftrack_api.Session()
>>> session.get('Location', ftrack_api.symbol.SERVER_LOCATION_ID)

If you try the same thing but make sure to empty your FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable?

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