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Get a project custom_attribute value?

Alberto GZ

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I want to get the value from a custom_attribute that is added to project, that I think is not a type either a object...

My attempt is this:

def get(self, project_id):
	result = {
		'extra_info': {
			'legend': {},

	custom_attrs = self.session.query(
		'select config from CustomAttributeConfiguration where key is "{0}"'

	legend = custom_attrs['custom_attributes']['project_legend']
    result['extra_info']['legend'] = legend


There is possible do a query for name instead key for custom attributes?



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I have a code already given which is getting some data from FTrack. This data are custom attributes added to types and objects in the project. 

I triying to get the value from a custom attribute added to project (root level of the project), replicating the code, but not works. 

Query that I have seems is defined for get types and objects.

From Ftrack api documentation I don't able to get the value of custom attribute.



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