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Notification system between FTrack users and Client Review users

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As FTrack admin/project manager if I write a note or comment as a reply for Client Review feedback comment, that client shoud be receive a notification by email?

We have in admin/project manager>MyAccount>Notifications  and in System Settings>Notifications "Mail notification" added to Client review, but I think this option works in reverse direction. I mean, when client add a note o change the status, we will receive a notification by email, isn't?

How works the notification system between FTrack users and ClientReview users (mail users)?

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22 hours ago, Mattias Lagergren said:

The Client review user (invitee) will get an email when you reply to their Note

It seems client not receive any email notification.

As FTrack user I type a note from Transfer feedback and send it, but note is not added to Client Review session, so client (invitee) is not viewing notes from FTrack user.

Where I can to find to check this issue?

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22 hours ago, AlbertoGz said:

but what is the sense Transfer Feedback notes for FTrack users in Client Review (invitee)?

The reason for the transfer note functionality is giving you the ability to moderate, add / remove notes from the review session before your artist sees them.

We will add support for non-moderated review sessions where the transfer step can be skipped if you do not feel that this is necessary.

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