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No registry for edited or removed comments in Client Reviews

Alberto GZ

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In a Client Review portal, as a client I can edit and remove a comment that I have done, but in FTrack/Client Reviews/TransferFeedBack, as well as in messages in FTrack/Inbox, no registry is showed for edited/removed message.  There is possible configure something to fix this behaviour?

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2 hours ago, Mattias Lagergren said:

For the transfer step, what would the expected behaviour be if a user deleted a previous note? I guess not delete it but mark it as "Deleted by collaborator" or something like that?

I think the most basic behaviour when a user edits a comment/note from a ClientReview portal, would be like a many forums.

Then if user edits a comment already posted, in Ftrack/CR/TransferFeedback and in Inbox too, should be showing last modified with a text like: "edited by user at 11/05/2018 9:54am"

If user delete a comment, maybe could be enough show a text "comment deleted by user" and updated the date.

Alternative behaviour could be keep history of all modifications on comments, including showing deleted messages, them marked as "deleted comment". I think this can be more complex and I'm not sure if really can be absolute neccessary in this way for the most teams.

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