Actions callback handler kwargs bug?
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Hi everyone,


I've been exploring actions a bit more this week. I set up a test listener, but when I click on my test action in the web app, the callback handler in errors, saying:


Error calling callback <function handleCallback at 0x1d9ec08> for topic action with arguments {u'selection': [{u'entityId': u'4f7077be-b551-11e3-82fc-000c29912c4e', u'entityType': u'assetversion'}], u'buttonId': u'test', u'userId': u'72d53164-66b8-11e3-a80c-000c29912c4e'}
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "FTrackCore.egg/FTrackCore/api/", line 197, in _handle
    callback(topic, **data)
TypeError: handleCallback() keywords must be strings


Is this an issue with the formatting of the dict the web app is passing or am I doing something wrong?


Thanks in advance!


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