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Update custom attribute via JavaScript Api

Paul Sorge

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I would like to update the value of a project's custom attribute via the javascript api. Is that even possible in v.0.4.5?

Since the ContextCustomAttributeValue does not have an own id (at least none is provided when fetching the custom_attributes as a relation of a project),  I cannot find a way to specify the (entity-) key argument in the session.update('ContextCustomAttributeValue', [key], data) function.  Or can the key argument array hold multiple values to specify the exact ContextCustomAttributeValue (like entity_id of the project and the key of the custom_attribute)? I tried some things there to no avail.

Or is that just the wrong approach?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Paul and welcome to the forums.

This is an example of how to se the ContextCustomAttributeValue, the first id in the entity_key is the custom attribute configuration id, the second one is the project id.

{"action": "update", "entity_data": {"__entity_type__": "ContextCustomAttributeValue", "value": "31"}, "entity_key": ["d25219d6-acb5-11e1-8668-f23c91df1211", "32580850-64a2-11e7-a4bd-0a580ae40187"], "entity_type": "ContextCustomAttributeValue"}


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