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Pop up notifications

Milan Kolar

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Having messages, notes, newly assigned task... or pretty much anything (preferably customisable) make a small pop up notification on the desktop when they are sent or assigned would be very useful. The problem is that people might forget to check their messages, but if they get a tiny pop up it will at the very least remind them to go a check what's going on.


Something like this for instance https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216?hl=en-GB


I'm not sure how easy is something like this to implement in other browsers, but Chrome seems to have built in way of doing it.


I can imagine this appearing, when artist, get's a personal message (e.g. of certain category) or is assigned an urgent priority task and so on.  

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Hi Aline,


We're using the built-in Web Notifications API available in most modern browsers. Please make sure you haven't accidentally added any of ftrack's addresses to the exceptions list and that you are using one of the following supported browsers:

  • Chrome version 22+
  • Firefox version 22+
  • Safari version 6+

It is not supported in Internet Explorer yet.


Let me know if you need more assistance.

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Hi Mattias,

Not working yet.


I'm using Chrome 35.

In Chrome settings I marked "Allow all sites to show desktop notifications"

There was a ftrack adress in Exception List with Alow in Behavior, I deleted just in case.


We are using a local instalation of Ftrack.


In my Ftrack settings, the option of "Desktop Notification On" looks like disabled because is gray and i click and nothing happened. There is something wrong?

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If it says "Desktop notifications on" then you have desktop notifications enabled.


How do you test if this is working or not?


Make sure you have "Internal notification" added to the types you would like notifications on, have a look at http://support.ftrack.com/customer/portal/articles/1063722-notifications

The settings on that page determines what you will get in your Inbox and what will be sent as desktop notifications.

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I have "internal notification" in several items.


I think if I receive a message in Ftrack inbox I should receive a desktop notification, even if the the Ftrack website is not in focus.


That would be really great for us.


Maybe it is a problem with my chrome. I tested with Gmail turning notification option on, but it's not working too.


I had to install a extension called "Checker Plus for Gmail" to gmail notification works.


But ok :(

Thank you anyway.


Aline Lima

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@Mattias Seebergs when using Ftrack on newer systems, we're not getting the "Desktop Notifications" option - it says "Desktop notifications off" and is greyed out/unclickable. This is happening on macOS Catalina running the latest safari and Chrome, and on centOS running Chrome and Chromium. It shows up as expected on macOS Sierra in Safari/Chrome, and an older linux install in Chrome/Chromium. Any ideas?

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Hi Justin,

When the Desktop Notifications" option says "Desktop notifications off" and is greyed out/unclickable is usually a web browser issue. The web browser could be blocking the notifications for some reason.
I would suggest checking your web browser options or try a different browser.


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