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Am new to expressions and need some help.

Is there a help page that lists all data you can call in ftrack?

Most of our work is time and expenses based rather than fixed fee.

I would like to create an expression that returns the overall budget from 

number of workdays * number of workers * dayrate

This could be from the project or if is possible an event. If it is even possible to source data from an event on the overview page?

Have gotten somewhere with this 

${Project.dayrate* (-func.DATEDIFF(Project.startdate, Project.enddate))}

but don't know how to source the data for number of workers. 

I know I could make an attribute for number of workers on a project but since ftrack knows this already for forecasting can I access this data?

Also it doesn't account for weekends or if a worker is on leave.

Any ideas?





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Hi Patrick,

It is unfortnatly not possible to use information in calendar events inn the spreadsheet / custom attribute expressions.

More information about expression custom attributes can be found in the documentation here.

One possiblibility is to develop a custom action to calculate and show the information you want. More information about actions is available at ftrack.com/actions


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