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It would be great if we could customise types of upload in the launcher uploader. Currently there are only 4 options (img sequence, geometry, maya scene and nuke script), however if we could extend this to custom values, it would make it straight away possible to use ftrack with much wider range of workflows and software even before they are properly integrated.



In current production we are using CelAction, which doesn't even have python, but giving artists option to publish manually through launcher by choosing CelAction scene and let's say quicktime movie, would make it possible for us to work straight away and all the data would be be consistent with other ftrack published assets.



Production I'll be starting in couple of months will be using houdini. We're planning to fully integrate the ftrack into it, but until that point this type of publishing would ensure that any data input before we have it ready will be published properly as well.


To wrap it up: We should be able to specify upload types that appear in launcher, plus adding a default type with would accept any type of data (even if it doesn't know what to do with it per se, it would at least track it's location)


To be honest the whole publishing of 'assets' and version could be a tiny bit more open. For instance ability to add components in the web interface, or to create a version without uploading it online, but only linking to local file would be brilliant.




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Hi Milan thank you for the feedback and the examples.


This is very much inline with what we intend to do in the near future. Our goal is to have a generic publishing tool where you can publish any type of file to ftrack to satisfy both Example 1 and 2. From this tool you would be able to link local files as you mentioned.


I hope to be able to share more information on design and workflow soon



Mattias L

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