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ftrackReview Hiero

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I'm having troubles getting hiero to work properly.


Firstly whatever I do it can't recognize published ftrack Assets to built timeline from. I either get a message 'No matching Assets were found to build the track from.' if I select to match by shot, or error ' Unknown Entity ID: 'b510f0a6-b364-11e3-aa05-040112b6a801' (None)' if I match by clip. 


I can however see the versions and import them manually through 'Import Published clips'.


Another thing is that I can't see anything in the hiero ftrackReview workspace. All the panels are empty (apart from viewer of course). The same goes for ftrack task panel and info panel. Only the info panel/selection sometime has a ftrack logo and says that nothing is selected.


any ideas what am I doing wrong?



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We discussed these issues via support email yesterday, but I thought I should post here for reference.


I'm not sure if you managed to solve the first issue, but let's continue this discussion via email support.


Regarding ftrackreview in HIERO. There is an issue in HIERO for Windows where it is unable to use SSL/HTTPS in web views.

This affects both ftrackreview and the Task and Info panels in HIERO.

The Foundry is working on an solution for this issue.



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